Oak End Grain Chopping Board

Made from FSC European White Oak, our chopping boards are hardwearing and will last for many years if treated well. 

Due to the natural variations in the wood grain, each chopping board has an individual beauty of its own. They would make a distinctive wedding or housewarming gift, enhancing any type of interior decor. Their end grain construction also means they are less likely to blunt knives.

There are two grades of chopping board: 

Grade A

Made from a single board of oak. The colour and grain of each block matches for a top quality chopping board that looks supreme. All the component blocks are the same size.

Grade B

This grade use blocks coming from more than one source of oak board so the pattern of grain has more variation. Functionally they are as good as the Grade A boards, they just look a little less uniform. 

As with all of our products they are listed on the site individually so the board in the photograph is the one you will get.